There are a lot of ups and downs in the movie business, and definitely a lot more downs than ups. But here’s an up… Sometimes, a really amazing actor that you love agrees to be in your movie. And he says lines that you wrote. And it’s awesome.

I just got a small peek at a movie I wrote called Escape, wherein John Rhys-Davies plays Malcolm Andrews, a retired Brit who is held for ransom by modern pirates. You know who this is, right?? This is Sallah from Indiana Jones! Gimli from The Lord of the Rings! I saw his info in a stack on the casting director’s desk and thought, “Could we really get him?” And they got him! And he says and does things that I thought up in my kitchen over a year ago, and he makes you believe that they are brilliant. (British accent does it every time.)

It doesn’t hurt that he has C. Thomas Howell to bounce off of. But I never loved Pony Boy like I loved Sallah. Sorry.

I always remember a conversation I had with a friend about celebrating the little things, instead of waiting for the big ones and wasting a lot of happy and grateful moments. So here’s a small celebration — thanks for letting me geek out for a moment!